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I have iOS App, I make some improvements.

Favorites: Tags / Notebook
Recents: Notes

You can on / off this if you want.

How about that?

Mini concept mockup:


I would like to second this request. Being able to star a note or notebook and have it turn up in a Favourites section on the sidebar is the only thing I miss about Evernote.

I have my notebooks arranged in multiple depths. This works very well (for me at least). Everything has its place and I know where to find something. However sometimes I know that I will be working with one notebook every day for a week or so. It used to be very useful to star that notebook and have it visible immediately from the sidebar.

Would this be possible in Joplin, either as a future feature or a plugin?

There is a plug-in, unfortunately plugins don’t work in the app, as far as I know.

@SpekulacjeTV I would like to suggest to update the description to include "Favorites" for tags and saved searches, as in the plugin mentioned above. The "recent" section could probably be a different topic.

@laurent I would like to describe the use cases I have, perhaps there is a completely different solution for this: I have a set of actions, I frequently used Evernote´s tag/note favorites for and now look for an equivalent in Joplin.

  • Weekly, I check the list actions with past and upcoming due dates to schedule them from completion in my week. The same goes to for a tag "Next".
  • There are some notes I would like to access very quickly: Opening Hours of nearby shops, Ideas for Presents for Friends, List of borrowed things.

"Favorites" (tags/notes/workbooks) could be a perfect thing for this, as the list of tags will grow to long. A scriptgenerated "Startpage" could be a workaround for this, but would require "in-app-linking" from one note to other notes or list of tagged notes.

Any idea?

I also think this is an important feature, in Evernote I was used to prioritize few notes among the others.

Decent workaround for easy access to frequently accessed notes on mobile.