Add a "shortcut to notes" zone in sidebar

There are three zones(All notes、Notebooks、Tags) in sidebar now, maybe we can add another zone called “shortcut”, and allow users to add any note into that zone. With this feature, users can visit some arbitrary notes(which means no need to add same tags to let them show in Tags zone) very quickly.


Yeah bookmarking or using star to mark the note will be a great feature


Although, a better approach will be to show kind of folder in the all notes section’s note list’s top and expand it onClick and in that user can add notes or can even make more such folders like that.

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I feel unsure about the favorites. Evernote has them and I use them often, but the same I use fulltext search. I would be curious to find some good numbers/research giving arguments pro/con. Every button added to Joplin makes it more complex to use and maintain, so it’s always a balance.

A workaround is a “aaa” tag that will always stay on top of the tags list. Using that, you get quickly to the favorite Note.

Another workaround could be deep links to notes from outside - opening a note from the home screen of the smartphones or from a file shortcut on the desktops.

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I would also like to see this shortcuts thing. I use this feature a lot with evernote.

Yes, I've been wondering about that; the problem is that my notebook list is long, and I would already have to scroll down, and perhaps unfold the tag tree, to find it...

Shortcuts / favorites would be very helpful, please - especially if like Evernote one can shortcut / favorite a notebook as well as a note and drag/drop and have these shortcut / favorites sync across devices. I have about 20 frequently used notes and 5 notebooks out of 1000s of notes and hundreds of notebooks and while I like my notes and notebooks sorted, I like how in Evernote I can drag-and-drop Favorites so it's by "spatial" location.


I don't use it myself, but have you tried the Favourites Plugin? It may address some of your needs.

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Thanks, I was not aware of this plugin! Will try it out.

Last I checked, plug-ins don't sync. And what's worse, they're not available on mobile devices.

Is synching on plug-ins available now?

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I don't think so.

@o5t6iaqo7 stated they primarily wanted favourites and ideally favourites with syncing. That's why I said that the plugin may address some of their needs :slight_smile:

The "aaa" tag does not help for shortcuts to tags.
There is a feature request for favorites: Concept | Add | Favorites: Tags / Notebook and Recents: Notes
Perhaps you should mark this request as duplicate and add "likes" to the other request...