Seeing tags under note name?

Not sure if someone has asked this before, but would there be any chance that the note-list layout could be updated to show tags under the note name? Maybe it could be optional since I believe not everyone would like this, but I like seeing the tags on my notes quickly when scrolling through the list.

I use this especially for todo's that are tied to different projects since I only have one notebook for all my todos so I can easily find and see what I need to do.

Eg. something like this

Though IF this is something I'm alone in the world doing, it might not be worth, so I'm asking here rather than on github too see if anyone else agrees. :smiley:


You mean like in evernote? I also think this would be cool. :slight_smile:

The concept of tags can be a very powerful tool for accessing and organizing big amounts of notes, if implemented smart. (The best example to the use of tags is And yes, I would like to see this also in joplin.