Request: Favorite toggle / star toggle for notes

actually i a have a notebook called favorites , but i want that note preferably in the real context notebook. Maybe it can be solved by a tag so with my other request that favorites should be listet:

Link: Request: add dynamic folders

Why not have a tag for this?

I've just been trawling the forum to see what the latest is on this idea. I also miss some way to (very) easily access certain key notes. I could use a tag, but there are two problems:

a) my notebook and tag lists are long, and I would have to scroll down, potentially unfold the tag tree etc.
b) to be at the top of the tag list (again for easy access) I would have to do something hacky with the tag, e.g. "_favourite" to keep it pinned above all others.

I could foresee using a special tag, with a button that is a shortcut for searching those tagged notes. Perhaps there are other ways?

Did we find a workable solution for this?

A plugin could work for this - it would be a bit similar to the tab plugin, except instead of tabs you'd have whatever notes you would have picked as favourite. As far as I can see the plugin system supports all that's needed for it.

There is a plugin. Notebook, Note, To-do, Tag, Search Favorites Plugin

Unfortunately, Plugins don’t work in the smartphone app, as far as I know.