Encryption Sync problem

I've setup Joplin for the first time. I used my macbook (OSX 10.15.7) to import all my Evernote notes to Joplin ( 1.5.11 (prod, darwin), c158878 (master)). Since I wanted them encrypted on my WebDav server I enabled encryption. When I synced my notes to my Android and iOS devices all notes were still encrypted and no master key was available.

I've waited for 24 hours and resynced multiple times. I also removed the master key (after 24 hours) from my macbook and synced all notes again, but the notes on my mobile devices remain encrypted and there is no master key (also no yellow notification bar telling me to give my password). I searched on my WebDav server and the key was not there (before I removed encryption). There are no errors on my mobile devices or on my macbook.
On my macbook it does say 0/1 master keys synced, in synchronisation status. The synchronisation status says "completed".
Why are my notes still encrypted on my mobile devices? I removed encryption and on the webdav all notes are readable without keys. Why is it not syncing to the other instances and how can I make it that encryption is propagated to all other devices?

You say "I also removed the master key ...". I am not sure how you did it - because Joplin has no way to remove it - but it sounds like you removed it manually. This is where (I believe) everything went south. So here is a possible recovery recipe:

  • remove apps from Android and iOS completely
  • remove manually all files from the sync target, keep the empty Joplin folder where it is
  • make a full backup (JEX) on your Mac
  • turn encryption on and sync
  • install apps again
    AND NOW read the instructions about how EE2E works, and what to do next.

Thank you for your help. With "removed" I mean disabled in settings. I never touched files, I just searched for it to see if the key was synced.

I've read the manual already before starting.
I've already made a JEX export, removed all files and apps and reinstalled it all. The encryption key was synced (initially only setup encryption with no notes), but now the notes won't sync. This has almost been 24 hours now. The files are on the webdav, but the mobile apps wont sync the notes.

If I read correctly you have done steps (or bullets) 1, 3, 4, 5
Can you confirm you did 2 too, and in the right spot in sequence ?

I can confirm I did step 2 and in the correct order. Not entirely as described since I already did the steps before your post, but with the same result. I removed the whole folder and created a new empty one with the same name.

Then I think it's time for the log-file-professional-interpreters to fill in.
Or ... you try it all one more time. Sorry!

Thanks, in the meantime I will go for option two and keep trying. There must be something I did wrong, just need to figure out what it is.

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