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Joplin Cloud wipe possible?

Hi there! Coding and Joplin novice here. Managed to make a mess in Joplin Cloud with encryption keys and file versions and I would like to start from a clean table and wipe the Cloud (don't ask, thought I knew what I was doing :sweat_smile:).

Is it possible to wipe my Joplin Cloud account? I tried to browse through forums but it seems that you can't get a direct sftp/ssh/telnet -access for example (understandably), and that was my only clue. Deleting files on devices dont seem to work; no files gets synced from remote to locally possibly because of different fileversions making the clutter.

OS MacOS 11.2.2 & Joplin 2.1.9

Thanks a ton for help, and sorry for being a noob, hah!

@dudedevs welcome to the forum.

There used to be a button on the server in the user's "Items" menu to delete everything. This was taken away a few versions back. I did suggest that keeping it would be useful but, "some you win, some you lose" :slight_smile: . I did test Joplin Cloud but I also run my own server, so if an account needs flushing I at least have the ability to delete the entire account and create it again.

There is an option in the client's advanced sync settings where you can force an upload. I haven't tested this yet myself.


It may get you working again but to me it is unclear if that process actually deletes the files on the server first or just causes them to be ignored. If the latter I suppose you could end up with a chunk of your allocated storage space being taken up by "orphaned" files. So, if it works for you, I guess that it may be wise to use this sparingly.

Have you tried this?

It's in Options - Synchronization - Show Advanced Settings

Hi there,

thanks for your replys! And yes it seems that the "Re-upload local data to sync target" literally re-uploads the data but doesnt actually remove anything on Cloud. One of the reasons I currently have quite a many copies of my files uploaded, but can't figure a way to get them deleted. :sweat_smile:

And yes understantable that "wipe everything" -button is quite a dangerous thing to have around. But I wish there would be some way to get root access for situations like these, heh.

If that is the case it seems that could be a bit of a pain for those paying for storage space they cannot use.

I would suggest that a "delete all" button for a single account is probably quite a bit less dangerous than root access!!! :slight_smile:

Ye thought so too! But of course correct me if I missed something.

Haha okay maybe root would be a bit too hc... :joy:

Maybe we could add a button on the application to clear out the sync target (for the drivers that support it). That seems a bit safer than having this directly on the server, and it means the button could be used for other sync targets too.

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Sounds good! And ye definitely safety first if there's risk of someone accidentally wiping years worth of notes.

I have a major problem - somehow I made an error in creating encryption key password, and now, I cannot follow the "delete encryption key" directions because I have Joplin Cloud.

So, even after I follow the directions here:

and completely delete the ~/user/.config "starting over" on macOS, as soon as I setup Joplin Cloud and synchronize, the "old" data comes back. Trying the Re-Upload didn't actually work it uploaded and then downloaded resulting in 2 copies of every notebook and the bad keys.

How can I wipe Joplin Cloud and do a true start over? I misunderstood or mismanaged the end-to-end encryption directions when using Joplin Cloud (whether to create key before or after setting up Joplin Cloud sync). In addition I forgot to click save in my password manager and don't have the original randomly generated E2EE password/key, so I cannot use E2EE on a new device, as well as having multiple keys and the banner warning.

Joplin clearly warns against this but it would be nice to be able to truly "start over" easily in Joplin Cloud and Joplin, decrypting, deleting old E2EE keys/passwords, and creating a new key/password from scratch.

Kindly see cross-post of this issue at Delete E2EE Master Keys - #64 by o5t6iaqo7

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