Enex import have 'Found <li> tag without being inside a list' warnings

That is something I wanted to do for a while. Move to Joplin. Yesterday I got an email from Evernote saying my subscription goes from 60 to 160, nearly triple. I installed Legacy app, exported 3 notebooks separately and the rest bulk as notes have tags that can help me sort in Joplin. About 5000 notes.
I installed Joplin desktop on a Mac M1. I intend to find a way to sync with my iPone on local network only.

On Desktop app, my imports went well, tags imported. Number of notes is correct. Quite happy about the interface for my needs.

I had some warnings though, nearly a thousand list warnings in console.
Found <li> tag without being inside a list
What are the consequences of these?

It's just a warning and should not cause any issue based on previous such issues. I'd be curious to see what's causing this - any chance you could a note (as enex) that shows this behaviour?

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I imported in bulk so I do not know exactly which notes are concerned. Is there a way to know?
I closed and reopened Joplin after the import and the console does not show these messages anymore. I'd have to delete all and reimport to see them again?
I tried create a note with all sorts of lists in Evernote and import in Joplin, no warnings.

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