Evernote Import Stalls and Spins

I am trying to load an Evernote ENEX to Joplin so as to be able to test drive the app. It represents a sampling of 752 notes of various sizes, origins and purposes.

It is hanging with the following stats on the screen. Same stats for the last 30 minutes.

Importing from "C:\Users\*******\Desktop\Joplin Test.enex" as "enex" format. Please wait...

loaded: 485
created: 476
updated: 0
skipped: 0
resourcesCreated: 1275
notesTagged: 697

The ENEX is 1.23 GB if that makes any difference. Anything I can do? Thanks.

What do you make of the template when you create a new topic? You just delete it and hope we're going to read your mind? What's your version? Which OS?

Nice. My bad, first post. Windows 10 Pro current. Joplin 1.5.11 (prod, win32).

You could try the latest version 1.5.14, which has many fixes for ENEX, or the pre-release 1.6.x, and if it still doesn't work, please post back here.

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Will do, thanks. The first time I used the import as Markdown option. I stopped that and am now trying the import as HTML option. If created represents notes this one is further along at this point, it's a bit over 600. Whatever the case I will give the pre-release a shot, Thanks again.

Definitely update Joplin to 1.5.14 or 1.6.x before importing enex. That will eliminate a number of issues.

You can try import as HTML, but I think you'll prefer import as markdown. No harm in trying both to see which you prefer.

Thanks. The HTML import erred out in the 700's. Will try 1.16 and post back.

I revo'd the older version and installed 1.16.2. The import as Mark Down erred out with message below. 724 of the 752 notes were in Joplin. Don't know how to access the console. Thanks.


You should try 1.6.6 to be sure: Release v1.6.6 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub There was a problem in an earlier version where an information message was sent as an error. So most likely your notes have been imported fine actually, but you can double-check that by importing them with 1.6.6

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Successfully imported all the notes into Joplin with 1.6.6, thank you.

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