e-Ink Tablet and Joplin?

In a perfect world, I would be able to use Joplin synced to multiple devices, including my desktop, tablet, and phone, but also have some sort of quick capture eInk device. Obviously, I have the desktop, tablet, and phone piece working already.

In spite of being a digital guy for 30 years, and having toyed with everything from a Palm Pilot, to a Windows CE-based Vadem Clio, various Pocket PC devices, iPad, Android tablets, Windows tablets, various phones, my quick capture device of choice is an old-school 3 x 6" pocket ledger, from a company called "Write." Oh, how I wish I could somehow naturally get my scribbles into a database. Except for the title and perhaps tags, and time/date (which could come after the fact), most of what I scribble are just to refresh my memory about what was said, etc... and doesn't need handwriting recognition. Right now I keep my pad next to my keyboard, and during non-COVID times would just throw my pad into my bag and take it with.

I've watched the evolution of the Remarkable devices, also Boox, but these don't really have something Joplin like in their mix, that recognizes that need for bi-directional sync and a master system of record.

Curious as to other people's thoughts and experiences on this.

Unfortunately, Joplin may not be able to do this at present, because notes are based on markdown. Although it brings some benefits, it does bring some problems, such as the storage and search of digital board drawings...

Why not just write on a piece of paper and scan to pdf or jpg and attach to a note. Why any device at all?

I obviously can scan the notes. I have one of these Brother mobile desktop scanners right in front of my keyboard, but workflow-wise I see the extra step of scanning as cumbersome and frankly too lazy to do it.

Because it is an inexpensive experiment, I am getting a Rocketbook Mini: Rocketbook Mini | Smart Pocket Notebook | Reusable Notebook

This will solve the input problem, and I may just have to give up an any level of automation workflow wise, I'm wondering if there's a way for me to automate getting the PDFs generated by Rocketbook into a Joplin notebook. I am currently using S3 for sync of my notes across an iPad, Android phone, and Linux desktop. I don't want to stop the normal sync of notes, but would love a way to inject this new source into the mix, perhaps to a new notebook.

Any ideas for me on this?

Use Dropbox, google drive, as sync traget for your Rocketbook PDF Output and Monitor the Folder in your cloudspace with a Hotfolder


I had simultaneously stumbled on this same solution via this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/joplinapp/comments/lar2jo/workflow_for_notes_written_with_digital_pen/

I use Google Drive, so easy enough for me to rClone from it to my local folder, and hotfolder it there. I will report back.

How is your workflow now ? Iā€™m very interesting in it...

It works very well and I've stuck with it. I started with a smaller RocketBook and graduated to the RocketBook core. It's a bit lowe-tech/high tech, but it's allowed me to store all my notes in Joplin.

Thanks for reply. Great. That's interesting. As for me, I'm looking forward to buying a Supernote e-ink tablet for the comfort of reading and annotating. Since it allows me to combine typed and handwritten notes, I'd like to find a solution to get them into my Joplin so I can have my sources in the same place... I'm looking for the right id