Thank you Joplin team


I’m new to Joplin.

I discovered this tool recently through a post on

I’ve been using it for a short while and simply felt like saying a big THANK YOU. I’m totally considering switching from Evernote to Joplin. I’ve also written a quick post about Joplin myself as I’m really enthusiast about it: From Evernote To Joplin. I hope you like it.



Thanks, and glad you like the app! I also came across this article on opensource .com, which was pretty cool. I couldn’t open your blog post though, is the website down at the moment?

Indeed, that's the post from opensource I was referring to :slight_smile:

And thanks for mentioning that my blog wasn't reachable. It's all self hosted on raspberry pies, so it's more for fun. My firewall rules were a bit too restrictive and traffic was blocked on my reverse proxy. I assume it's been like this for a few days already. I was actually wondering why I couldn't access the blog anymore when the VPN is on. You gave me the nudge to look into it and fix the issue.

So I guess thanks again then :smile:

Hi, just want to let you know that at first Joplin wasn’t my favourite note-taking application. It feels like it should be working, yet there was this weird feeling that something was missing in Joplin. Today I could confidently say that’s no longer the case.

And also your web-clipping technology is one of the best and will be the major reason for me to finally adopt Joplin, and probably even donate some amount of money to help your development.

And to conclude, along with web-clipping technology, I choose to adopt Joplin because it belongs to the very rare group of note-taking applications which actually knows what it’s user wants. Real talk, almost 95% of note-taking applications are straight garbage. The other 5% are either needs a PhD in theoretical computer-science to be somewhat useful, or neither free nor opensource, or missing that 1 specific feature that could make it the best but sadly the devs don’t know better.

P.S.: Till this day, I still think the way you design the note layout is garbage. Like seriously, why I must type in one panel and see the result in other, when most note-taking apps could do both on same panel?

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@light42 I wouldn’t say the design of the note taking part is garbage :slight_smile: but I would tend to agree with you that it’s not my favorite design. To help with this you can use an external editor (check your preferences). I personally use Typora which is very elegant to my taste. Then you’ve got all the wonders of Joplin and you can use your favorite editor too to take / read your notes :slight_smile:

Wanted to create a new thread but saw this. From my side too, just love Joplin. Couple of weeks ago I tried some other note taking app that oozed a very nice looking UI but lacked everything I have come to love about Joplin.

Thank you Laurent and every single awesome person that contributes to this amazing piece of software.

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