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Thank you Joplin team



I’m new to Joplin.

I discovered this tool recently through a post on opensource.com.

I’ve been using it for a short while and simply felt like saying a big THANK YOU. I’m totally considering switching from Evernote to Joplin. I’ve also written a quick post about Joplin myself as I’m really enthusiast about it: From Evernote To Joplin. I hope you like it.


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Thanks, and glad you like the app! I also came across this article on opensource .com, which was pretty cool. I couldn’t open your blog post though, is the website down at the moment?


Indeed, that’s the post from opensource I was referring to :slight_smile:

And thanks for mentioning that my blog wasn’t reachable. It’s all self hosted on raspberry pies, so it’s more for fun. My firewall rules were a bit too restrictive and traffic was blocked on my reverse proxy. I assume it’s been like this for a few days already. I was actually wondering why I couldn’t access the blog anymore when the VPN is on. You gave me the nudge to look into it and fix the issue.

So I guess thanks again then :smile: