Joplin in the press (again)

Some time back Joplin was briefly mentioned in Linux Format in the UK as part of a note taking app comparison. Well it seems that Joplin made an impression because in issue 260 (March 2020) one of their writers has written a four page spread just on Joplin.

It’s titled,

Moving to better open source notes

Mike McCallister moves your Evernote files to Joplin, stores them on your own cloud, and shows off some neat tricks, which is nice.

I have only scan read it as it was delivered this morning, but one bit I did note is that he suggests, when setting up E2EE,

… it needs to be secure enough for others not to guess, but easy enough to remember that you can enter it every time your device synchronises. You may want to consider changing the synchronisation interval to something a bit longer than five minutes.

Which is a pity because it may put some people off. I think I might send them an e-mail!

EDIT: E-mail sent…


Isn't the main part of why that is wrong is because, once set on a device, the Master Key is set with the user never having to retype it in on their already synced devices? That is very off putting if that's what I'm getting from your snippet. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:


Reading that I would think that I had to put in the password EVERY time it synced. That would put me off using Joplin quite a bit.

That’s why I have contacted them and asked if there was any chance of a correction.

That’s good to know, thanks for sharing. Is it possible to see the article somewhere? And did you mean February or March 2020, because I guess issue March 2020 is not available yet?

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I don’t think there is a copy that can be seen online anywhere.

And yes it is March 20 (issue 260). It’s a subscriber copy and gets sent out before the mag hits the shelves.

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Nice, I’ll try to get it when it’s released.

I received a reply from the Editor of the magazine.

I’m happy to do a correction, but want to ensure it’s actually going to get seen by people and can help them out.
I’ll amend the original article that we pop online to reflect the changes too.

I’ll let the author know as well, as he would have written this in good faith and will be glad to have the update on these.



Hi folks,

I wrote this article, and I’m glad you all saw it.

Deeply sorry for the error on encryption. That’s entirely on me, but as my editor noted, I am indeed glad to get it fixed.

Was also happy to write the story, as I am really enjoying the Joplin app!

Mike McCallister