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Hotfolder Plugin

Hello all,

I have released a hotfolder plugin.

Currently you can define the hotfolder, if certain file endings should be imported as text,
in which notebook the notes should be created and if tags should be added.

Soon I will have all my important workflow tools as plugins :slight_smile:


This is great. However, the plugin option menu doesn't show up.

Joplin 1.6.8 (prod, win32)

"app_min_version": "1.7" in the manifest.json. You will need to upgrade to a 1.7 pre-release or wait for it to fully release

I have release a new Version with a min Verison of 1.6.2 for Joplin

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You guys are absolutely killing it with the plugins! Just this morning, I was dragging a file into Joplin and thinking it really needs an import folder function.

I'm just waiting for the plugin that will do all my work for me. At the pace at which Joplin's feature set is being extended with plugins, I estimate this will take another few months.

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Thanks for this update! The menu is visible now.
The Joplin's plugin search seems to have a delay to source the latest version this fast.
The manual update works better, getting it straight from the packaging line.


Yet another brilliant and useful plugin!

I notice that if a file is not classed as "As text" then a new note is created with the dropped file as an attachment. It may be useful to have an "ignore" filter as well. My HotFolder occasionally imports the folder's desktop.ini file as a note with it as an attachment. There may be other file types that could benefit from being excluded.

Oh good point, I include it in the next release.
Current all dot files excluded.

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Your plugin is amazing!

Now, sorry for becoming greedy. Would it be possible to watch more than one folder - notebook pair? I am asking because in my workflow each notebook represents a project. So it would be handy to feed each "project" directly from a corresponding folder on my filesystem.

one quick question on usage: if i want to have my notebook a subnotebook (i.e. 'scans' which I have currently under my 'Inbox' notebook), how would I reference it in your plugins settings?
Inbox/scans ?
Inbox\scans ?

love this plugin btw....

Is in planing, but I think the number that can currently be configured useful is limited.

When you have only one folder withe the name scans you can enter at the moment scans. A correct subfolder selection is not implemented yet, but will follow.

@nchris Multiple Hotfolder configurations are now available.
@sttrebo Subnotebooks can be defined via Project\Scans

v0.3.0 (2021-01-29)

  • Add: Option for multiple Hotfolders
  • Optimize: Update settings on change without Joplin reload
  • Optimize: Define Subnotebooks

:exclamation: Requires at least Joplin v1.7.1 :exclamation:


Yep, using three hotfolders at the time now successfully! The upload is lightning fast. Will gradually upgrade to 5.

Thank you very mich.

The Hotfolder is phenomenal for screenshots...

Capture to an image file directly to the folder and it's automatically in Joplin...

Outstanding! :clap:

I am using Joplin and the Hiorfoder plugin on two different computers. Would it be possible to export the settings from one computer in order to transfer them to the other one?

Best Regards

Yes but this would have to implement each plugin currently for itself as a function :frowning:
But I have thought about this before, but maybe this should be implemented directly in Joplin.

Thanks for that great plugin. It's very useful for online research with screenshots. :+1:

I only have one problem. I made a screenshot of an entire webpage with 1915x10241 and 2.7 MB. The upload works perfect, but the picture is reduced to 356x1920 and 315 kB. Which means, it isn't readable. Is there a way to change that?

Hm that is intresting. Because there is no process to resize/reduce the picture, but I can reproduce this behavior.

I try to figer out whats going on ...

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If I drag the same file into an existing note a dialog pops up, which asks if I want to reduce the size of the picture. By choosing yes, I get the same effect as with the hotfolder import.

A fix would be implemented.

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