Duplicate Images from Clipper

I just opened my Joplin and noticed that any notes that contain pictures from the clipper are duplicated. They appear one right after another, the first one being a blurry copy of the intended image. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems to have affect old notes as well. My initial thought is that it may have something to do with Ubuntu 20.04 since I did not see this problem on 19.10.

Operating System - Ubuntu 20.04
Joplin - 1.0.216


I have the same issue on Joplin 1.0.216 (and several older versions) on Windows 10 Pro.

Can easily be reproduced by clipping any article from medium.com, for example this one.

Clipping that page gives this in Joplin:

Medium is a user-hostile (and clipper-hostile) website that we don’t really support. Any change we make is likely to break within a few months as they continuously change their code to obfuscate it.