Web clipper messed up formatting

I’m using the Chrome Web Clipper with the portable Windows version of Joplin on 1809.

The clipped webpages look nothing like the original ones. The structure is all wrong, I have to scroll like 10 pages down to see the important (i.e. main) content. It’s night and day compared to what I get with Evernote’s Clipper. I don’t know if that’s just the way things are or I’m doing something wrong. I click on the Joplin icon and choose “Clip complete page.” Say I wanna clip this page. This is what I get with Evernote. And this:

is what I get with Joplin. Nothing like the original. Is this the intended behavior?

Is this being ignored?

Joplin converts to Markdown format, so some of the layout is not preserved. You can use Clip Selection to restrict to just the part of the page you need, or use Clip Simplified for a simpler version, or cleaned up the note manually afterwards.

Have you considered doing it the way Evernote or Raindrop do it? That way one wouldn’t have to clean anything up manually, because I imagine that’s extremely time consuming.

Have you considered reading my reply, in particular using “Clip Selection” or “Clip Simplified”? Even if you use Evernote you might want to clean up headers and footers or other stuff you don’t need.

Not the nicest thing to say. Apparently you’re the author too. Says a lot about your product. Clip selection and simplified look just as bad. So no thank you, bye felipe!

I did answer your questions though when nobody else did. Now if you want better answers, you might want to ask better questions. Maybe this thread doesn’t say much about the product but more about you.

But that’s the thing. You didn’t answer my question. Instead you’ve resorted to your snide remarks. If you’re unable to answer a straightforward yes/no question and instead start throwing ad homs then I can’t really do much (understandably).

Oh and I have never needed to clean anything up in Evernote, so that statement is blatantly false.

can you share the evernote note you clipped ?

It’s in the OP, but here it is again: https://imgur.com/aUsTOhc

Edit: Wait you mean sharing via the Evernote link?

I don’t want the image I need to see the shared notes from evernote.

yes a link from evernote showing us the clipped page

I'm sorry, but I can't open it with 3 differents browsers on 2 differents OS :confused:

so sorry, I messed up the link, here’s the correct one: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s217/sh/a15d360b-0cff-4416-ba5f-3cd2f166eb8d/baa00522b7c9d84555dec114478f23ee

I forgot that the clipping was so fine ^^. I thought that was a snapshot. this is why I asked to see the shard link
So now to be able to have at least all the minimum info of that page with Joplin, as Laurant already answered, the Clipping Selection is the solution for now.

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makes sense, thank you for clarifying