Some low quality images with web clipper

Good nights everyone, from Spain.
I'm a newbie with Joplin, since I started to use it just one week ago.

First of all, I have to say that it's an impressive project: the desktop app, mobile one, clipper extension, the community, everything seems to me absolutely beautyful. :open_mouth:

I'm syncing with OneDrive at this moment, I've imported an small collection of bookmarks from shaarli and a bunch of notes from google keep. Also I use the android app. Everything works like a charm.

There's only a very small issue which I haven't been able to figure out: Sometimes when I capture a website using clipper extension (both chrome one and firefox one), no matter what type of capture: simplified, complete or html; the final result contains some images which are on a super low resolution.
However, when I check the original, it doesn't exceeds the 1920x1080. it's pretty strange, is it?

I've been looking for in forum and I haven't found any topic that solves this. Also read the FAQ, with no luck.

I want to attach an example for you:
This article which appeared on medium: contains this image:*e58rQldTQyOijWVWQtp8wQ.png.

It doesn't even reach 500kb, nor exceeds 1080p. But clipper leaves it as a ridiculous 60x42px and 2,8kb image :joy:

Any help will be well received.
Thanks a lot!

Please see

If you can build the app yourself, check out this comment. Not sure if this helps with web clipper, but I think it does.

I've just built the electron app and applied your changes. Then enabled the checkbox "Do not resize images". But sadly I haven't gotten expected behaviour. I've tested with same above example url and joplin keeps resizing image to 60x42px.
In fact I didn't think it goint to work since the original image size is only 1788x1280px.

Thanks again :wink:

In that case it’s probably a different code path. When I have a bit more time I’ll try to find it.

My change definitely works when attaching image files in the Joplin client.

My change definitely works when attaching image files in the Joplin client.

Ok, Anyway, it's good to know that. If you find out some solution, please let me know. :+1:
thanks so much.

It’s possible it’s a bug in the clipper, or perhaps the page makes it hard to export images for example by using JavaScript to display them.

Could you post a bug on GitHub with a look to that page please, and I’ll check at some point.

Done! :+1: