Joplin version 1.0.109

  • New
    • Allow loading image resources in IMG html tags. For example, this is now possible: <img src=":/a92ac34387ff467a8c839d201dcd39aa" width="50"/>
  • Security
    • Fixed security issue by enabling contextIsolation and proxying IPC messages via preload script. Thank you Yaroslav Lobachevski for discovering the issue.
  • Fixes
    • Fixes #801: Replaced freegeoip which is no longer free with ip-api to enable again geo-location for notes.
    • Fixes #802: Scale note text correctly when using zoom
    • Fixes #805: Fixed app freezing when opening note in external editor and then creating new note
    • Clipper: Fixes #809: Saves full URL with note, including query parameters
    • Clipper: Resolves #681: Allow adding tags from Web Clipper
    • Clipper: Fixes #672: Make sure selected notebook is saved and restored correctly
    • Clipper: Fixes #817: Added support for PICTURE tags, which will fix issues with certain pages from which images were not being imported
    • Clipper: Fixed importing certain images with sources that contain brackets
  • A P I
    • Improved: Mostly an invisible change at this point, but the REST API has been refactored to allow adding more calls and to support third-party applications.


Good job, thanks!