Coding Phase - Week 5 Report

Goals Achieved

  • Created the Main Screen.
  • Open/Close Monitoring based on 'from'.
  • Logout button
  • Dealing with no internet connection while monitoring.
  • Created an error alarm when an error is caused while logging or monitoring (using alert).
  • I posted an additional feature in the forum to convert email to notes without logging into the plugin, and I will add this feature to the timeline.

Next week

  • Fetching the content of messages from imap
  • Adding an email parser.
  • posting the converted emails to Joplin (for testing).

The array of numbers in this demo is ID messages that will be fetched and converted to notes.


thx for sharing the video, that is great.

Could you share the topics, where UI was finalized?

merci :slight_smile:

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Sure, this UI is not the final one because not all features have been added yet.

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