Coding Phase - Week 10 Report

Goals Achieved

  • wrap subject direction in RTL languages.
  • Added the unit tests for the function that extracts folders and tags from the email subject.
  • Added export type, attachments style, include attachments features in the upload email screen (full control).
  • Added attachments style in the plugin setting
  • Made changes according to the feedback on my PR.
    • fixed nested folder name.
    • removed the feature of local marking messages.
    • added the feature of marking messages using the email providers.
    • fixed If 'has_more' is true in Joplin tags or folders.
    • refacted TempFolder mechanism.

Next week

  • Add the feature of monitoring a specific mailbox or folder.
  • Start working on the feature of multi-user accounts.
  • Make changes according to the feedback on my PR.


(Full control over note export)