Goals achieved in Phase 1 with Demo

Goals Achieved

  1. committed initial push in a repository.

  2. Added a new menu item in Tools.

  3. Added a new toolbar button in Note Toolbar.

  4. Added the exportation types in the settings.

  5. Added a login screen (view Panel).

  6. Added close behavior to the panel.

  7. Enhanced the type of message in webview using Type predicates.

  8. Added predefined imap default configurations for some email services.

  9. Parsing email and returning the default configuration object appropriate for the type of email provider to make an IMAP connection.

  10. Dealing with the email that starts or ends with a space.

  11. Dealing with the email that was written in uppercase.

  12. Added unit test env (JEST) and tested emailParser function.

  13. Installed IMAP and its requirements and made the first IMAP connection in the plugin (SSL/TLS).

  14. Added the manual connection screen.

  15. I read about RFC 822, the message email format, and the message parser behavior.

  16. I have done a stress test for more than one email provider, which is to monitor the mailbox every 5 seconds if there is a new message from a specific email to check that there is no security problem that could have arisen.

  17. Created the Main Screen.

  18. Open/Close Monitoring based on 'from'.

  19. Logout button.

  20. Dealing with no internet connection while monitoring.

  21. Created an error alarm when an error is caused while logging or monitoring (using alert).

  22. I posted an additional feature in the forum to convert email to notes without logging into the plugin, and I will add this feature to the timeline.

  23. Added the feature of fetching the message data from imap.

  24. Installed the email parser.

  25. Added the feature of parsing the HTML message and extracting the body using DOMParser.

  26. Added the feature of marking the converted message in the plugin without editing the message or adding flags.

  27. Posted the converted emails to Joplin (for testing).

  28. I made some changes to my PR based on a code review by mentors.


This demo shows after logging in to the plugin and selecting the email address from which you want to convert the messages into notes.

Full Demo