Coding Phase - Week 6 Report

Goals Achieved

  • Added the feature of fetching the message data from imap.
  • Installed the email parser.
  • Added the feature of parsing the HTML message and extracting the body using DOMParser.
  • Added the feature of marking the converted message in the plugin without editing the message or adding flags.
  • Posted the converted emails to Joplin (for testing).
  • I made some changes to my PR based on a code review by mentors.

Next week

  • Adding the feature to save the last change on the screen when the plugin is closed.
  • Continuing to complete the email parser (extracting the plain text) and adding the unit test for the email parser.
  • Building the class responsible for posting notes to Joplin.
  • Reading some of the Joplin API and searching for the best way to add email attachments


Full Demo

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It iquote="bishoy, post:1, topic:26605"]
Full Demo

I love it.
Is it shared prominently in the forum so that it is seen by many?

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I tried, but unfortunately, uploading the video to the forum should not exceed 8MB :upside_down_face:.

why not just using the reference as done in the weekly report?

Do you mean with 'reference' the full demo link that I mentioned above :thinking:?
if yes, I just wanted to take a short part of the whole video to shorten what I did.

take that and put it in a separate topic or mention that in the other topics where community members are contributing to this project to collect feedback

Okay, I will post a new topic with that demo.

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