Coding Phase - Week 12 Report

Time flies by so quickly that I can't believe I'm writing my final weekly report for GSoC'22.

But for me, my project is a start to contributing to Joplin. I have in mind a lot of features that I would like to add to my project and Joplin❤️.

So I think there are a lot of things I would like to add after GSoC.

Goals Achieved

  • I've created a PR that contains the last part of the project, and the PR has been successfully merged. That means all the features I discussed with mentors and with the community have been added.

    • I want to thank Roman for the code review, although the pull request was huge.
  • This is what was modified and added during the code review on the PR

    • I fixed that if there are no folders mentioned, will automatically locate the notes in the 'email messages' folder.
    • annotated 'attachmentsStyle' parameter to ''Table | Link"
    • added some comments in the 'noteLocationBySubject.ts' file.
    • In the 'webviewApi' attributes, I changed the snake case to camel case.
    • fixed some style labels on the main screen.
    • renamed the addInlineAttachments function to addInlineImages to make it more clear.
    • added tooltips beside the 'from' field
    • added a refresh button beside the mailbox and notebook selectors to update them if there is a new mailbox or notebook.
    • changed monitoring time from every 5s to every 1 minute.
    • fixed plugin name in the package.json
  • created a PR for GitHub action to the repo.

This week

  • I will complete ReadMe, GSoC Work product URL
  • Publish the project to npm
  • I will create a post in the forum to take opinions about the final screen of the UI of the plugin and if there is anything that should be added, and also create polls for some points.


demonstration of the refresh button


That’s great ! Thanks for your efforts !

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Thanks :smile: :heart: and thank you very much for sharing your opinions and suggestions from the beginning of the project. This means a lot to me.

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You're welcome :wink:. Now I just can't wait to try it !

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