Coding Phase - Week 11 Report

Goals Achieved

  • Added the feature of monitoring a specific mailbox or folder.
  • Added the feature of multi-user accounts.
  • Added the feature of determining the folders and tags of the note based on the subject and the first line of email content.
  • Added the feature of remembering the last state of the plugin even if the user closes the Joplin and reconnects when the plugin runs again.
  • I've made some improvements in parallel
    • There has been a loading spinner added to all async buttons.
    • replace the embedded email text function in the email parser with html-to-text ) (higher in efficiency and extraction).
    • I replaced the '' in the panel bridge with 'if else' to make the code more readable.

Next week

  • make PR for this week
  • Add GitHub action to the repo.
  • There are some improvements I will make.
  • Add the feature of marking the note as a to-do(If I have time).
  • Make changes according to the feedback on my PR.
  • Start writing the readme in the repo


Extract folders and tags based on the first line of email content

Monitoring based on a specific mailbox

Multi-account feature.

Spinner loading in heavy eml file attachments


as the final evaluation is not far anymore.
Could you share what is necessary to reach a release state?

Now I'm making some improvements to the code, and tomorrow I'm going to create a PR. Once I've finished the code review and merged the PR, we can start releasing.