Buttons to collapse Sidebar and NoteList

Hi, This is Mukesh, an aspiring software dev.
Recently came across Joplin, and really think it is a great note taking software especially vim key-binds. I am slowing moving my notes to Joplin and started using it regularly.

I personally think 4 section to take note I kinda disturbing, It would be better if i could focus only on the markdown and hide the sidebar and note list also hiding them will give me more space to write note.
I am aware that we have shortcut for toggling them, but it would be more intuitive if we had buttons.

When I first started using Joplin, I didn't know shortcuts was available for hiding, and got annoyed by the small note taking area.

Requested Feature:


I would be happy to work on this feature, if it sounds good.

There is a Note list and sidebar toggle buttons plugin that adds toggle buttons to Joplin. They appear to the right of the "Note Properties" icon.


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I notice there's a button in the same area to toggle the Outline plugin's pane, but no similar button to toggle the Favorites plugin's pane. I guess that would require changes by the plugin's developer?

Add keyboard shortcuts to both commands (toggle sidebar, toggle noteslist) ... with keys to your liking, and use the keyboard for these commands. Will be 3x faster than any button.

Yeah, I agree that using keyboard shortcuts are way faster, but as new user I didn't know there was shortcut for toggling. Buttons would be more intuitive and we can also display shortcuts on hovering.

This feature will improve user experience of new users.

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Is this topic about the Sidebar (F10) and Note List (F11) toggle buttons? I use those buttons all the time.

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Do new users perceive those as toggle buttons and not hamburger menus?

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This feature request makes me think of vertical tabs in Edge, where the collapse button occupies a corner inside the relevant panel.

How would those buttons work with note list and sidebar in one column? How about with note list and sidebar right of the note after these bugs are fixed?

True they look similar. However they only appear after the user has found and installed the plugin themselves. As they were responsible for putting them there it is probably not quite as bad as if this was a feature of a plain Joplin install.

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While not perfect, I'd argue that feedback and textual context made the old layout's treatment better.

Common toggle button icons already exist in other notebooks.

They lose context when placed separate of the element they toggle. This leaves at least one user wondering where they are, even after installing the plugin.

Describing where the buttons will appear would enrich the current plugin description.

How can the existing plugin code be modified to prototype different button locations?