Toggle/hide/collapse note/document list panel

The notes/documents list column is quite wide, not resizeable or hideable, the 'Toggle Sidebar' only toggles the presentation of the list of notebooks / tags.

Could a view option to hide the document list within the notebooks be added - or the 'toggle sidebar' extended to include hiding the note/document list once one has been selected?
Or a collapse / << icon added, to hide the list on the left.
Another option would be to 'pop-out' or detach the note from the main window.

I like seeing a single pane, the list on the left takes up too much room, I'm only working on one note/document at a time, and I can just expand the notes/documents section if I need to jump in between notes/documents.

I wait in hope :slight_smile:


Yep, I’ve had that same thought a couple of times, particularly the desire to resize the notes list width. Here’s a vote from me to see that added as a potential item.

I concur: the note list is itself a side-panel that makes the editor/preview windows uncomfortably small in the desktop app (I’m running Linux). Another simple toggle – or including this sidebar in the “Toggle sidebar” feature-- would improve the Desktop app’s usability.

There is no need to see, permanently, a list of all notes in the current notebook when editing a note – I, at least, want to be able to focus on editing a note.

With every update, I anticipate this feature/option being added, and then sigh when I find it hasn’t made it in.
Its the only frustration I have with Joplin.
I’m a bit OCD, if only I didn’t have to look at that wasted space 100% of the time, Joplin would already be by primary editor.

came here with just same idea. hope it will come soon

Good news: It is introduced with the latest pre-release version 1.1.2
Enjoy :slight_smile: