F10 + F11. and return


I turned off the sidebar/note list to focus on writing. F10 + F11.

Then I turned the sidebar/note list back on. F10 + F11.

The layout size is not maintained.

I have it hidden in the image, I use the [left sidebar] outline or dddot plugin.

I want to recover the size of the "default Editor - Writing Panel".

Do I always have to adjust it manually?

Or any other tips?

I replicated this on my end. Looks like a bug.

I also tested toggling panels with sidebar and note list stacked right of the note. Hiding those panels after changing the width of the column doesn't resize the editing window (as seen in this Github issue). Attempting this multiple times resulted in a fatal error.

I'd suggest keeping the sidebar and note list left of the note until these issues get resolved.

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so it's because I moved the main sidebar to the right?
As you say, there is no problem on the left side.

Yes. For now, keep the sidebar and note list left of the note if you want their width to be maintained after toggling.

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Here's a workaround: add this CSS to userchrome.css to reverse the layout interface while maintaining panel widths after toggling them:

.rli-root {
  flex-direction: row-reverse !important;

Edit: For plugin panels, use this workaround:

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Anything paneled to the right is oddly managed by Joplin. The several plugins that use it … I never use because Joplin doesn't scale the viewports sanely IMHO when right-panels are in play.