Possibility of one-click "toggle sidebar" and "toggle note list" gone in new UI?

I'm an everyday user & great fan of Joplin, a big thanks at first!

Since the release of the new UI (I think since Version 1.2.6), I'm missing the earlier one-click possibility to toggle sidebar and note list; it's reachable via the "View" menu, as well as keyboard shortcuts (F10 / F11), but toggling both sidebar and notelist is a very standard operation in my (mouse-based) workflow, I'm asking myself whether the earlier buttons don't exist anymore, or if they've been moved to somewhere I didn't find them yet?

I'm grateful for any kind of pointer!

The commands are still there so, from version 1.3, you could restore them with a plugin. For example, copy the code below in a file named "SideBarToggle.js" in your plugins folder, and that would add the buttons to the top right hand corner:

/* joplin-manifest:
	"manifest_version": 1,
	"name": "Note list and sidebar toggle buttons",
	"description": "Add buttons to toggle note list and sidebar",
	"version": "1.0.0",
	"author": "Laurent Cozic",
	"homepage_url": "https://joplinapp.org"

	onStart: async function() {
		await joplin.views.toolbarButtons.create('toggleSideBar', 'noteToolbar');
		await joplin.views.toolbarButtons.create('toggleNoteList', 'noteToolbar');
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Sounds great - thanks for the quick reply! I'll stay tuned for the 1.3 release .. if there's any timeline for that, I'm happy about a quick pointer :slight_smile:

Probably in the next few days, if no major issue is found in the pre-release.

Could this code or something similar be used to auto-hide the sidebar and notes list?

There's a command to toggle the sidebars but not one to hide/show them explicitly, maybe such command should be added.

Such a command which could be used for an auto-hide feature could really improve worflow and increase productivity in Joplin. Have those sidebars easily available when needed but quickly and easily out of the way would allow the user to focus less on manually manipulating the UI and more on working in the editor windows.

The above suggestion worked perfectly for me - many thanks!

As a reference for potential other Windows users - I've entered the path to the plugin file in this format (via Options > Plugins):


It would be nice, if the icons were animated as before.... :wink: Not sure, if this is doable with the plugin system though.

@laurent is there a way to animate the toggle buttons as they were before?


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For those stumbling upon this thread from a web search: the plugin can now be installed from the desktop app itself: go to Preferences > Plugins and search for Note list and sidebar toggle buttons.