Plugin Note list and sidebar toggle buttons NOT WORK!

So where is the buttons buddy ?

there is the plugins I ever installed. May it be due to plugin conflict?

Should be these two in the top right:


oh no, I ever thought the plugin is like vnote's like .

It can switch to show Note list or sidebar list by only one buttom and set in the very left side. but it can't.

what worse is that how can could it possible set in the right side, And it cannot change by View -> change application layout.

anyone has some suggestion to me? appreciated.

There are shortcut keys available for it, by default f10 and f11 or you can bind your own.
As it is that plugin doesn't appear to have any customisation options to place the buttons elsewhere.


But what I need is like , you can switch notebooks in the very top area. Then you can choice note contains in that notebooks in below. And there is another button in the very top, to switch to show the note's outline. All those info and buttoms should contains in only one vertical display area, instead of occupied multiple vertical display area.

enn.. maybe I'm too picky.

Maybe I'll make such a plugin. And the first step is learn css and nodejs. I never did front end development before.

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