Best way to handle "contextual to-do lists"?

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Joplin 2.14.19 (prod, linux)

Client ID: 21e0babef7f2402fa0480a3ce8ba9bd1
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Revision: 971c4e5

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What issue do you have?

I'm used to collating together "ToDo-style items" (ie things that I'll eventually check off) into contextual documents (ie being in a specific place, with a specific person, ...), with one document per context.

Those documents tend to get fairly deep for me - I'm used to handling priorities by ordering those, having sections with sub-headings etc.

(I've previously been doing this mostly in Google Keep and have some migration material from there, as well.)

From Google Keep, I find the feature that moves checked items out of the way to the bottom of the document absolutely invaluable: I get to keep a record of past items that, and unless I specifically scroll down there, those basically completely stay out of the way of adding new, organizing, going through and checking off 'active' items.

I can't seem to find / it doesn't seem to be possible to have that kind of functionality in Joplin...? I've also had a look around the plugins, but didn't readily find anything that would seem to match this.

I've seen the various to-do related options in the view menu, but they only seem to affect "one note as one to-do within a hierarchy of notebooks"; it doesn't seem to affect anything within a single note/document at all. I specifically feel that the "one note per item in a hierarchy of notebooks" to-do paradigm does not adequately allow me to work the way I want; also, it would create an interop/migration issue for me (since relevant information would not be within the marked-down document, but elsewhere).

Is something like that already available, and I'm just not finding it? Or should I be looking into implementing a Plugin that takes care of this.?

Check out this post which includes CSS that moves completed to-dos to the end of the desktop note viewer.

For a cross-platform solution not requiring the note viewer, manually sort selected to-do lines if needed (with the instructions below), then move completed to-do lines to the bottom (with End and Enter).

If neither of the above work for you, check out different ways to manage your to-dos as described here (and elsewhere in the forum): Tasks as in Evernote

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