Tasks as in Evernote

Hello. New user here! I'm a refugee from Evernote.
I can't find this in Docs or discussions ( I did try searching first )

How does Joplin support Tasks imported from Evernote in .ENEX files?
In Evernote, you can add tasks inline inside a note. I don't see that function in Joplin.
In Evernote, you can set due dates, and Tasks have power features. What can Joplin do with Tasks?
In Joplin, I see I can create a Note of type "Task" but not sure what else can be done with them.
In Joplin, I see there are checklists, but they seem to not have features such as reminders

  • Are there functional equivalents in Joplin?
  • How does Joplin handle .ENEX imported Tasks if they are inline?
    • What are your tips for Evernote refugees related to managing Tasks in Joplin going forward?
    • If I totally missed something in docs, I apologize. Please direct me.

Thank you.

I'm not sure how the import works (I suspect that evernote doesn't even fully export tasks).
Joplin To-dos provide some similar functionality. But Joplin To-dos are note level. That is, they can have a title, and details within them. They can also have an alarm with an associated due date attached.
To get similar functionality to evernote, i would recommend creating a tasks notebook. Your process of creating new tasks would then be

  1. Start at the note you want to place a task in
  2. Navigate to the tasks notebook
  3. Create a new todo (and fill it out)
  4. Copy link to the newly created todo
  5. Paste that link into your original note where you want it.
  6. Done!

If you don't care about having all todos in one place, feel free to skip creating the tasks folder.

A more "Joplin" way to handle tasks would be to place each to-do note in the notebook it belongs to (e.g. tasks related to Project1 might be placed in the Work > Project1 notebook alongside all other notes). There is an option in settings to place all to-do notes above regular notes, this provides a way to easily see all open to-dos and only see relevant ones. Of you want to see all your to-dos, you can switch to the "all notes" view.

The above is just in pure Joplin. There are a few plugins that can help you here.

Note overview: Allows you to collect and view all of your to-dos in a single note.

inline todo: (disclaimer: this one is written by me, and it's the one I use). This is probably the most similar to evernote tasks. It allows you to create tasks within notes that can have dates, categories and tags.


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