Automatic tag "recent"

The number of notebooks is growing and I find myself using Joplin more and more. Is is unbelievably flexible and useful. However, sometimes it takes quite an effort to find that notebook I worked on recently… It would be incredibly useful to allow timestamp to be used as tags. I am not sure exactly how, but I’d love to see “used this week” or “used in the last three days”. I guess, what I am talking about is known as “filter”, which is different from “find”, but could include “find” as an option. (Or, maybe, it already exists and I don’t know how to use it.)

[Of course, there is “sort notebooks and notes” options, but this is way less specific and also changes the whole tree structure, which is a disaster for people with folders-structure OCD.]


I think this approach would work well as would those mentioned here and here. I’m not picky. Just some straightforward way to see recently edited notes. I know I can sort and that’s not the same as a “recent” feature.