Feature Request: Recent notes view

A global recent notes view would be very helpful. I would like to see all the notes that I have edited, or added today for example. Currently, I can have my notebooks sorted by updated date but I would need to go into each notebook and view each note.

I would envision this view would be a 3rd option on the same level as “Notebooks” an “Tags” on the left side navigation menu.

This would be similar to Windows Explorer or Microsoft office apps, im sure IOS has something similar. Many text and document based apps have some sort of a recent documents view.

It would just be a database query as I believe all the date time data is already int the database so probably not that difficult to implement.


Gently bumping this, this and this to see if we can get some momentum on a recent notes feature of any kind. Not trying to be demanding. I greatly appreciate the work that goes into this project.

Hi Guys,

I would like to say that there would be search field in the "Note Attachment" and also bulk selection attachment for delete operation.

Is this on the road map?