Associate tags with (sub)notebooks - automatic tagging

A lazy question / feature request: is it possible to associate tags to (sub)notebooks, such that when I create a new note in a (sub)notebook it is automatically tagged?


Yeah, this so much.
I always try to assign 3 tags, for example:

  • Customer
  • Project
  • Status

My notebooks are sorted by customer > projects.

In the search field I search by tags: customer:a project:x status:to discuss with customer
And then I have a list of notes that I need to discuss with my customer.

At this moment I have to manually assign every tag, customer and project and status.

It would be awesome if Joplin has a feature where you can enable an option to assign multiple tags to notes created in a certain notebook (the one where you actived this option).

Not game breaking, but a very nice nice to have :slight_smile:

We'll see what the developer says, but in order to make this a useful (and acceptable) feature for most users, one would have to be able to turn such a feature on and off for selected (sub)notebooks.

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Thanks. Yes, activating the feature for selected (sub)notebooks is a must for this to be useful. This was implicit in the original feature request, but it is indeed useful to point it out.

this seems like an awesome feature.