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Sometimes when I write a note, or edit one, all of a sudden some strange punctuation gets added and appears in places where I do not want it. Going back to the spot, delete the punctuation, do something else ... and there it is again. It's not a bug it seems, it is a feature ...but one I would really like to turn off. Anybody any ideas ?
I can't find it in the menu commands, settings or elsewhere.

Without having an example of what you are seeing it is quite difficult to try to work out what may be happening. Based on the above my only suggestion would be to see if Options > Note > Auto-pair braces, parenthesis, quotations, etc. is switched on. Not including plugins, that's the only option I can think of that automatically adds punctuation marks to a note.

You are right, so here comes a very simple example.
Create a new note, leave the title empty and type in the note field:
test | test
(use multiple spaces between the words and the | char). On my Joplin/Mac installation this does create the line
test |. test, or
test. | test,
depending on previous edits.

Why would one ever want to do this ? Please consider this irrelevant for now.

I can't seem to replicate this on either editor. Are you certain it isn't a plugin?

I also failed to replicate. Using Windows 10.

I'm using the MD editor, not the other one.

Sorry for the late reply. Only plugins I do use are : conflict resolution, favorites and simple backup . So I cannot see how this problem could be plugin related.

Maybe try with all plugins disabled?

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