Automatically and unwanted removal of space breaking


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Windows 10, desktop app, Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, win32)

When I enter <br> element to create a line break/indent/new line break and change to wysiwyg editor and then back to md one, every <br> element is removed and left with two spaces instead (liike pressing space two times). It sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't, but most of the times it does it and it's really annoying. Using &nbsp; element creates bigger indents, so I don't want to use it everytime.
Is there any way to stop this behaviour?

Okay so, I noticed that if I have any <br> element and change anything in the wysiwyg editor it then removes every single <br> element. Is it intented action?

Essentially, yes? When you do anything in the richtext editor and move back to Markdown it has to take the rendered HTML from TinyMCE and turn it back into Markdown. It probably can't tell the difference between a <br> entered manually and one created in the richtext editor so it is part of the normal conversion process.

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