Editor Mode, how to retain line breaks without mark up

Hello, I'm deploying Joplin to my office users, many of whom will NOT ever use mark down. In editor mode, when users press enter to add line breaks, the line break disappear once they exit that note. How can I make it so line breaks will show when user presses enter in editor mode, or auto add br somehow?

I thought editor mode allowed a rich text editor like environment where the markdown automatically generated. Am I misunderstanding something on a more fundamental level? I'd like to use a tool like Joplin vs a more locked down commercial tool like evernote or onenote.

Windows 10 Joplin Program, Synced to Joplin Cloud.
Joplin 2.11.11 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 6886f6f
Calendar: 1.0.0-pre-release-2
JSheets: 1.1.3
Kanban: 1.0.7
OCR: 0.3.2
Paste Special: 1.1.2
Resource Search Plugin: 0.1.2


The disappearing newlines bug was fixed yesterday: Desktop: Fixes #6055: Preserve empty newlines created by pressing Ent… · laurent22/joplin@35f375d · GitHub

Expect it to be in the next release! Edit: It's in the 2.12.10 prerelease.

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Saw that the 12.12 PreRelease update, so I downloaded to install it. But I can't run the included app.

Do you/anyone know if pre-Release versions are only for M1+ Macs?
(I'm on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15", i7 processor)

It should be available for both! Make sure you didn't download the arm64 version.

The release that does not include arm64 and that ends in dmg should work:

In both 2.12.9 and 2.12.10 the Ctrl-E shortcut for external editing stopped working, same as pushing on the icon. Only when you open the editor, than you can choose the external editor, please change it back as it was? Also for many releases the two state button start/stop editing is okay, but for a shortcut it doesn't make sense, to Ctrl-E twice when toggle is on stop external editing, can this be changed back to only one keyboard shortcut?

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