Wipe data from other devices remotely

My phone was stolen where I had joplin installed, is there a way to delete my data and synchronization from my smartphone remotely?

OS: android 9 (joplin ver 2.1.4)
sync service: dropbox

Not with Joplin there isn't, but I think android 9 already had remote reset abilities. In fairly certain if it's a Samsung or Pixel phone you should be able to reset it.

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If you Google the phrase "find my phone" or use this link while logged into the same Google account the phone uses, it'll provide the offer to remotely lock the device or instruct it to factory reset.


Additionally if the phone is reset like this, it counts as an unclean reset, where the phone will then effectively be useless to anybody else because it will demand the original Google account logs in and otherwise refuse to work (assuming the bootloader isn't unlocked, this is effectively bricked to everyone but you)


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