Completely remove Joplin in Android

My sync has screwed up and I have tried to remove joplin and restore from a JEX file. Manage to clean Mac but somewhere on Android data remains. Have deleted data and cache and reinstalled. Joplin only has the default start notes. Sync files on Onedrive are removed. When I enable sync the joplin file on Onedrive is created and from somewhere the old database is downloaded with encrypted notes both in app and in Onenote sync catalog. How can I completely clean Android (Galaxy S10)

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No answer or comment in 4 days. Pretty straightforward question. How to remove joplin from Android without doing factory restore. Removing app and restarting phone still leaves data in Phone

If you have root on your phone you can try checking if there are any files left in the app directory after you've uninstalled the app and removing them manually.

This is strange though, I'd expect uninstall to work or if not then wipe data + uninstall.

After reinstalling joplin on Andoid I only have the startup notes. I delete the Joplin folder on Onenote that I use for sync. Then I connect the android Joplin to Onenote as sync media. Then suddenly Joplin has encryption enabled and lots of encrypted notes shows up both on phone and in Onenote/Joplin. Those notes and setup must be hidden on my phone even after joplin removal. When Joplin was removed I erased data and cache . I have looked but cannot find out where those files are. Maybe there is a leftover sql database left somewhere.

Do you have any other devices syncing to Onenote? (I presume you mean OneDrive)

Since you only see the startup notes initially it does seem to me like the files were not deleted from the sync target rather than your phone.

I think I have found the problem. My phone had a copy of onedrive files. I had previously only deleted the Joplin folder in my Mac. It had probably not propagated to my phone before reinstall. I also found empty folders named net.cozic.joplin in my internal storage Android/data folder and also on the SDCard android/data folder. Deleted those as well.
I have imported my backup to my mac and it has synchronized to my phone. Thanks for the help.