How to remove every Joplin data from not rooted Android 10

Joplin 1.7.5
Database v34
FTS enabled: 1
Android 10

I was testing Joplin with sync over Dropbox on my Android phone and Mac.
Today I changed Android app to sync from filesystem, than close app, force halt the app, clear cache, clear data, uninstall app.
Remove Dropbox authorization for Joplin, delete every Joplin files or directory from Dropbox.
Install Joplin Android app, and data is still present: how can this happen?
I've read through the forum and tried again the procedure on Android without any benefit.

Thanks, cheers

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I think it might be built-in Android backup at work. After a quick search I haven't found an easy way to remove/disable back up for just one app, seems to be all or nothing.

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Thanks a lot!

@cnuw84n I was facing same problem then i saw your post thanks for sharing the solution of these difficulties. :heart_eyes:

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