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White windows after hibernation

The version you are using:
Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, win32) (Portable Version)
Client ID: 49dad45459f84a6e88a2ff8dbb80c5d2
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: 6b75485a1 (master)

The operating system you are using
Windows 10 Pro Version 1903

Every evening I put my notebook to hibernation. Often when it awakes in the morning my Joplin windows does not show any content, only an white window until I resize the window a few pixels, then a repaint of the window is forced and everything is fine.

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It seems this is related when my monitor setup changes and Joplin is forced to move to another screen or when the screen resolution changes.

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I have seen this problem on Windows 10 on all Versions (up to 1.4.7)
It sometimes occures after hibernation but I have the feeliing (yeah bad for fixing the problem) in other situations, when the app was in the background

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This has been happening to me, but only after upgrading to 1.4.19. I'm seeing it on Windows 7, with hibernation disabled. I've always noticed it after my desktop has been locked for a while though.

I continue to see this issue. Some more information: I have the option "Start application minimized in the tray icon" enabled, and often I find that the Joplin window has opened itself while I'm away from the computer, and the window is white as described here.

In other words, it appears the window actively opens itself and is empty / blank.

I actually saw this today for the first time after I closed a fullscreen game.

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I experienced this for the first time today. I think minimizing then maximizing window resolved it. I'll have to pay attention next time to circumstances when it manifests. Was definitely not hibernation related, but might have been sleep related.

Joplin 1.5.12 (prod, win32)

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Happened again. I had minimized all windows, then put PC to sleep. Woke it up later, clicked on active Joplin icon and the only visible parts of window are the top bar ("Joplin", minimize, resize and close buttons), and the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.). Everything else is white space.

Clicked on resize button and window reverts to normal.

Joplin 1.5.12 (prod, win32)

Not a big deal.

Without a log, this is rather hard to understand. Does one of the Electron processes crash?

This looks like an upstream issue specific to Windows. I haven't seen anything like this on macOS.

Hy everybody
First of all , thanks so much for this app.

I'm just experiencing this bug.… and I'm on macOS. Ok an old one El Capitan, my Imac can't go further.
What it is looks like :
-I open Joplin (1.7.11)

  • First a white window opens
  • Second it become a normal window with all notes and notebooks and so on
  • Third it goes back to a white window.
    some times there's no "second"

Some times I have just to wait (more or less time it depends) and it comes back to normal, sometimes I have to restart, but it usually doesnt works the first time (e.g right now I had to restart three times to see my notes)
And I must use "force to quit" because I can't quit neither by the Joplin's menu nor the Icon's dock.

I assumed it was because of my old mac but maybe not only. Or maybe too much plugins (Quick Links, Graph UI, Convert to New Note, Note Tabs) ?
Any idea?
thanks a lot


I'm not sure, but I'm starting to suspect this happens only if I have closed the Joplin window.


  • Leave Joplin in system tray, but close open window. After some time (screen lock, time goes by, no hibernation necessary), Joplin window becomes open with white background.
  • Leave Joplin window open... never gets a white background.

Can anyone confirm?

This acts quite a bit differently from what has been reported here. I'd consider a separate thread, since your issue seems quite different.

The reports here are of Joplin for Windows having a white, empty window, which can easily be closed / reopened. Furthermore, it occurs after leaving the window alone for some time, not on first open.

I think this might be the same as this issue reported on github

Perhaps there's a common root cause, but in my case I haven't moved my taskbar in over 10 years.

If you follow the link to the electron issue, other people report the same issue when when waking from hibernation or when changing monitors.

I see, thanks for the clarification. That does seem similar. Hopefully there's a fix in Electron that is then propagated to Joplin.

I can confirm. This issue only occurs if I close the Joplin window and then let my session auto-lock, so it's either if the Window stays open a long time or something related to the lock.

It does not happen under any other circumstances, such as if leave the Joplin window open all the time.

I'm going to guess this is occurring if sync takes place during the time my desktop is locked. I'll bet the Joplin window opens it up and has a white background.

This happened again. I had minimized all windows, then put PC to sleep. Woke PC later (didn't click on Joplin to make it active), was doing some other stuff, then when I clicked on Joplin the window was blank, the very next thing I did was maximize the window (using mouse button linked to shortcut to maximize window) and the window maximized and all was normal.

This was at 8:43pm. Here are the log entries before and immediately after. So it does seem this is something outside of Joplin itself.

2021-03-03 20:33:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Starting..."
2021-03-03 20:33:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Service is enabled"
2021-03-03 20:33:09: "RevisionService::collectRevisions: Created revisions for 0 notes"
2021-03-03 20:33:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Done in 104ms"
2021-03-03 20:43:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Starting..."
2021-03-03 20:43:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Service is enabled"
2021-03-03 20:43:09: "RevisionService::collectRevisions: Created revisions for 0 notes"
2021-03-03 20:43:09: "RevisionService::maintenance: Done in 104ms"

Joplin 1.7.10 (prod, win32)

Arkadi, I'm facing exactly the same problem. Did you find out a solution?

Nop. I'm now using Joplin mostly with my tel and a new linux laptop, maybe that's why I didn't look further.
The issue is still here on my old Imac. So I just open/force to quit two or three time before it works when I have to use Joplin on it. Then I make sure to let the app open. A mainstream user solution ok. Not proud.

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