Joplin is blank white page after restarting Windows

Hi, I'm using Windows 10 - with Joplin v2.12.17 and syncing to Joplin Cloud.
I restarted Windows, opened Joplin and all I got was a blank white window with a few menu items in the top left corner.
The Joplin logo appears in the top left with:
Restore (greyed out)
Move, Size, Minimise, Maximise & Close - which all seem to work.
Underneath the Logo appears File, Edit, View, Window & Help.
Have opened/closed it several times with the same result.
I also have it running on 2 Android devices - one looks absolutely normal and has just successfully synced. The other has just finished syncing and reports that loads (maybe a hundred) attachments and other files could not be downloaded and doesn't look very happy, but the problem doesn't seem connected to the Windows problem.
Any thoughts?

Can you try updating to 2.12.18?

There was a similar bug on Linux on the 2.12.17 release. It's a stretch but could be related. 2.12.18 had a minor Electron version bump that fixed some graphic issues on AMD/Linux.

Hi - thanks for that. What is the route for updating if you can't open Joplin in the first place? Do I just download v2.12.18 and install it over 2.12.17? However, this particular machine does not use AMD or Linux.
Also may be worth mentioning that my two Android devices are both running 2.12.3.

OK, I've installed 2.12.18 over the non-functioning 2.12.17 (it's not possible to say which version is actually running because the "Help" option is "(empty)"). The result is exactly the same.
Correction - I've looked at the properties of the Joplin.exe in the Program Files folder and it is 2.12.18.
Without some solution it's going to be impossible to continue using Joplin - which is a shame as I've only just got started!
Has nobody got any ideas?
Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

What is your graphics card? If unsure, you can check it in the Device Manager. Then, you should go to the manufacturer's website, download the newest drivers and install them. Next, restart the OS and try to run Joplin again.

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Thank you. That sorted it - and it also reminded me of something I did just before it stopped working - I installed the Joplin macOS Plugin and then rebooted...never thought to connect the two...
Thanks again.

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