Empty window after reopen Joplin

Joplin 1.0.195 (prod, win32)

Client-ID: 3ca7764145674a2196567fe30d31e5e4
Sync-Version: 1
Profil-Version: 28

Revision: f4a562bc (master)

I have a problem since ever (I’m a early user). I need a long time to write I know. But it’s not essential, but annoying.

If I reopen Joplin, than sometimes I get a empty window. When I than resize the window a little bit, The content apear. I can’t find a way to produce it in a same way. I didn’t kno, on what it depends.

A developer workaround would be to do a resize on ‘window activate’. I have had it years ago in a JAVA program.

This sounds like a graphics issue that I have seen with some games. The resolution there was to ensure that my graphics driver software was updated.


Thanks @markrenier. I updated my driver. I will test and report.