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Blank Joplin-Window

When I minimize Joplin portable version 1.0.158 (prod, win32) and reactivate it some time later the window comes up blank white - it shows no content (running it on Windows 10 prof.)

To change this I have to close application (shut it completely down) and restart it.

This is different to the problem with blank window after application startup.

seems to be related to screen resolution, multiple screen environments or changing screen environments like for notebooks with docking stations because when you click on e.g. menu-item “New Notebook” the dialogbox for it appears truncated at the left border of the application window (see attached screenshot).


You could try to replicate the bug while the debugger is open? https://joplinapp.org/debugging

uhm, as far as I know the portable version (I noticed that in my initial posting) has no config-directory which is required on the debugging-page …

The config dir would be the “JoplinProfile” directory next to the executable.

got it, thx.

Well result is, that even the console tab is empty. BUT when I resized the window, everything went back to normal!

So it seems to be a matter of screen refresh after reactivating the application from minimized mode to normal window-mode.