White screen on launch Joplin 2.11.9

Joplin 2.11.9 (prod, darwin) on M1 MacbookAir running MacOS 13.4 (22F66)

I see the update notes references removing the white screen, if that means the white view canvas during load of Joplin then it is still there...

I tried quit/launch several times and saw the same behavior.

But the app starts after the white screen?

Yes. Maybe slightly faster than 2.11.8. Release notes indicated it was fixed but that may have meant a permanent white screen (which I never experienced)...

Yes the fix is for the permanent white screen. Not sure about the issue you have, is it new?

No, I have seen this behavior since installing Joplin. Here is what I am seeing:

Launch Joplin
Dock icon indicates app launching (bouncing)
Dot below dock icon appears and my menu bar is Joplin, but no window
Couple of seconds later, I see an all white Joplin window
A few seconds after than, I see the Joplin app appear in that same window.

Here is the log file for a single start and quit.
log.txt (20.4 KB)

What plugins do you have?

More than I need....
Csv Import v1.0.1
Hotfolder v1.0.1
JSheets v1.1.3
Journal v1.0.11
Markdown Table: Sortable v1.2.2
Search & Replace v2.2.0
Simple Backup v1.2.2
Templates v2.3.0

Update: I disabled them all and quit/launch and still see the same behavior...

I have also this annoying flash of white that lasts about a couple seconds when I open Joplin. A bit disturbing when being in a dark environment with all apps in dark mode otherwise. Right after full white it goes full black for less than a second and then the gui comes up.

So in this thread it is not a functionality-breaking white screen, but a slowish start with 2 seconds of annoying full white screen.

I use Hot Folder, I have other plugins I don't actually use yet.
I am on an M1 and syncs to a local network truenas webdav share.

Whether I launch with a profile with 2 notes and no tags or one with thousands and dozens of tags, it does it.