White screen, doesn't proceed to opening anything else, 2.12.2 Mac

Just downloaded the new 2.12.2. I get the white screen that appears for a few seconds when opening normally, but it doesn't then proceed to open the app itself. I've just rolled back to 2.11.11, and it's working.

I'm running a Mac M1 using Ventura 13.4.1.

Figured someone should know.


Mac M1 Sonoma 14.0 Beta (23A5286g)

This release doesn't work with M1, please go back to the previous version: Release v2.11.11 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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Did that. It's working now. :slight_smile:

2.12.3 does the same thing...

Is this going to be fixed for M1 anytime soon, or should we turn off "auto check for updates"?

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For anyone following this, v2.12.4 seems to work, though you'll have to select open from the applications folder the first time rather than just double-click on the icon. Probably has something to do with the new universal binary.

New versions should work fine. The M1 release is now created separately and won't be downloaded via auto update

After installing "Joplin-2.12.4-arm64. dmg", the following prompt will pop up when opening the app. Can you take a look at this issue? thanks

Unable to open 'Joplin. app' because Apple is unable to check if it contains malicious software.

It's probably not being signed properly for some reason. We'll fix this, but there are bigger issues which means the ARM64 version is not viable yet

I saw a similar symptom with 2.11.11 on Catalina with OneDrive storage. I used debug + safe mode to display the desktop and one by one added back the plugins I had. I deleted the github and macos style plugins and it displays fine now, just like my M1 version. I standardized all the .config/joplin-desktop folders across the systems and it's working fine now.

Probably not related but how to debug the problem was an interesting journey.

I was getting the ‘unknown developer’ error launching 2.12.4 and did an override to load it anyway on my M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.4.1 (22F82).

Gotta say, Joplin 2.12.4ARM is running much snappier!

I did have to reenter the Joplin Cloud password and the master password for each device…. I reverted to 12.11.11 based on your recommendation as I didn’t want corrupted data.

Apologies - this is posted in wrong thread. I shared this info in the white screen of death support thread.

Im getting this problem with Joplin portable (installed last week), running on an external drive. Last week it worked fine. Now the log text shows loads of errors with the SQLite, and just a white screen nothing else loads.
I think I know what may have caused my issue: old temp files. Yesterday I disconnected the ext drive, and later plugged it back in. I think this broke the temp file structure for Joplin and therefore caused problems with the SQLite. Today I deleted everything in Joplin, inc cache and tmp folders and all my imported data. It still wouldnt start. But once Id deleted loads of windows temp files (in owner/app data/local), it started no problem.

Same issue on Linux Mint - but I discovered if I right-click on the tray icon and select, "open" it appears - so no big deal. Otherwise works beautifully.