When a new note is created, why does Joplin make requests to internet?

When a new note is created, why does Joplin make requests to internet?! SYN_SENT 1000 7398943 23415/app --node-in

Would be great to understand the why.

Note: my synchronization target is file system.

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Maybe you have geolocation turned on? Joplin uses an external service to get the GPS coordinates. This feature can be turned off.


I will check it. Thanks

It should be a request to freegeoip.app

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Hi @Laurent,
what is freegeoip.app used for? I've seen it was a Renderer connecting action.
I've blocked it with Little Snitch (Mac OS).

Joplin attaches your current location to every new note you create. You can turn it off in settings.

Thank you @roman_r_m
I did a mistake on activating this setting, because a misunderstanding the meaning of the french term.

I guess the translation is not that good indeed - "Enregistrer l'emplacement avec les notes". Any suggestion on what would be clearer?

It's one of those things that seems easier to express in English than in French.

Hi @Laurent,
refering to WordPress glossary, you could see that ā€˜locationā€™ is translated by ā€˜localisationā€™.
See here
I myself understood ā€˜emplacementā€™ as referring to the selected note, or even to the cursor position in a note.

What do you think about ā€˜geo-localisationā€™, which is used on GPS or smartphones?

Yes that makes sense, and thereā€™s even a Wikipedia article for this term so letā€™s use ā€œgĆ©olocalisationā€.

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