Questioning about Joplin sent

Hello :slight_smile:,
I tested before Joplin, and I try it again today with the Pre-release 1.0.229 in Windows10.
I didn't configure yet synchronization, and I switched the option "Automatically update the application" off.
To start, could someone explain me for what are this externals request from joplin.exe ?

tcp:// port : 80 (http) -> Unsecure here
tcp://2a00:1450:4007:808::200e ( port 443(https)

Probably the geolocation info that’s attached to notes. You can turn it off in settings

The geolocation uses https. Unless someone reverted my commit.

@laurent @tessus Thanks for your responses :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm not sure about geo-location because I made a test switching " Save geo-location with notes" off. And again I have this :
tcp:// Port 80 (http)
In the mobile app (iOS and Android), is more complicate to check that kind of transmission.
Someone here is able to check it in iOS and Android app ?

If you want to find the reason you’ll have to dig into it a bit more then. What’s the content that’s being transferred? At what point does the connection happen?

Found this.
Don’t know if it helps or not.

@RedDocMD thanks for contribution

Ok, I made some tests more. With Joplin V1.0.220 : No transmission outside if I switch off auto update option.
But if I use Joplin with notes inside, when I click in some notes (for e.g. from Evernote clipper), Joplin try to make a call to with TCP protocol. For me addresses call are from the note.
What's the content being transferred

That is a good question. :man_shrugging:

I also don’t know it it helps or not but is Google

1e100 = 1x10^100 = googol = Google

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What is It tries to connect there on port 80? Why? What are your sync settings?

Are you from the Netherlands? The IP you mentioned is apparently from there.

@tessus, that is one of the companies against whom the IP is registered.

It seems there are 348 domains hosted on the IP, many appear to be recruitment sites, many are “adecco” with different european CCTLDs.

I am guessing from what the OP says that there is html in one or more of their notes which is calling out when the note is accessed.

Okay that is spooky…

Not really, a link like


will have to call out to get the image.


JavaScript is disabled in notes so that should not be possible. Just to be sure @Dino, can you provide the note that’s showing this issue?

Ah yes, could simply be an image.

@laurent Ok I will send you in one minute 2 example of notes with IP address.

I know that. I wanted to know, whether the OP recognized that domain…

I don’t know if that explain all. But yes I have tested that in a note. And when I click inside I have : tcp:// : 443 (https)

Click inside what? Do you mean selecting a note or clicking on something within a note?