In all my attempts to sync my Joplin notebooks NO notes appear in Joplin., I can see them in the DB Browser but they don’t show up.

I have the following questions:

  1. What do I need to change in the database to get my notes back?
  2. How do I get Joplin to use a file location of my choice instead of creating the default location after I have moved it to a sync location.,
  3. Why, once I have set the file sync location and run sync Joplin says I have NO notes? The database and records are still there.

Here is how I think it should work:

  1. Move the database created by Joplin to the Google Drive directory.
  2. Set the sync directory to the full path of the Google Drive directory.
  3. Sync Joplin.
  4. See all my notes.
  5. Sync Joplin on all my other devices to the local Google Drive directory.
  6. See all my notes created on any device from any device.

It should be that easy. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong and what I need to do to fix it.

Thank you.

First, is all your data on the sync target? On the client with no notes, is the sync finished?

Sync items, i.e. notes, notebooks, etc arrive in random order so might download a bunch of notes but not the notebook they belong to, which is why the notes won’t show up. Normally you simply need to wait till the sync process is finished, so just make sure all your devices are synced and the sync process went to completion.

Now I have lost the data from both locations. I don’t suppose there is a way to recover these?

The problem here is know what to sync in what order. Do I sync the device that is missing the records? That is what I did in this case and now I have two empty databases.

What is the order of sync? I have two separate databases that need to be synced. It seems random. One datebase is empty and one has records. The solution shouldn’t be to make both databases empty. If there are 3 devices and notes are added on two devices and one device has an empty database how are the records merged? When I click sync on one of the devices it returns very quickly.

Maybe the critical question is what needs to be shared to enable devices to each add notes without winding up with one set replacing the other database. I can’t seem to find a list anywhere. It seems to me that if the separate notes must eventually be reconciled and merged the local database on each device must NOT be shared.

I have done a quick search but can’t find instructions on what needs to be shared between devices to enable syncing and merging.

Thanks for your help.