What you did with joplin's propaganda

I've found that when people bring up note-taking software, most of the people advertise commercial note-taking software that has a lot of restrictions, such as Evernote.

In my country, joplin is rarely introduced, is joplin a "minority software"?

No, I think most people are unaware of this software. I'm not a programmer, and when I first heard about the concept of "open source free software," I was amazed that there was still such software in the world. I used to have to pay for some expensive and difficult software.

I think joplin needs more publicity.

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Agree! Already bragged in my friends and work circle about this cool master piece! Converted three people from Evernote. But it's really not enough.

But what could be a possible way? An Instagram account?


I think people blogging about it, talking about it on social media and showing their interested friends and family is the best way.


There is going to be a bit of a step up in the twitter presence for sure so watch this space.

I think the fact is that many people simply don't make a distinction between "free" and "FOSS" so whilst it is very well known in the "techie" space if you just search for "free note taking apps" you will just get the same OneNote, Apple Notes, Evernote, Notion that you normally get as they are often the most accessible to the largest number of people.


i think some good video content would make a big difference.

setup tutorials, demonstrations of plugins and layout options would go a long way i think.
as it stands, it is hard to succinctly describe what joplins function actually is , and so some visual aids could do the brunt of the heavy lifting in converting people.


Never was aware of the fact, that Joplin has a Twitter. Thanks for the Info :slight_smile:

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Same here. Everything I shared so far wasn't mentioning the official account on https://twitter.com/joplinapp

Now you've got another follower :relaxed:

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Maybe youtube is a good choice, I searched for "joplin" on youtube, and the facts showed that there was very little information about it, which also included the profile of a musician with the same name.

Yes, "FOSS" sounds like a very "technical" term, but in fact joplin is very simple and reliable. :sunglasses: