This is pretty awesome

Ever since starting to use evernote some five years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of note-taking software that I can just dump everything into: notes, receipts, ideas, instructions, memos, reports… Anything. But having all that in a proprietary service that can shut down, increase prices or just be a nuisance started to feel a bit scary. As Evernote started to get really expensive, I switched to onenote, but it’s useless with linux. All the native linux note-taking apps seemed too basic, and I even thought about going with just text files organized somehow on a network share, but I think we have all tried and failed at doing that.

After finding Joplin, I think I have just what I need. I can import text, hand-written notes from Ipad, pictures of hand-written notes on napkins, just about anything. And I can’t be blackmailed by price increases. All I need is a server somewhere, and I have complete access to my own data.

Thank you a lot. To me, this software is essential to being able to use linux on my computers.


I think the control over your own notes and the ability to use Markdown is the key points to use Joplin.

Although I already collaborate (very symbolically) with the development through Patreon monthly, the truth is that the author is to be congratulated - so I take advantage of your post to also say thank you!!

My case is similar, I’ve using Evernote from the beginning but as it went expensive I decided to try Joplin and I’m loving it so far.

The control over my notes and the mobile app are key for me.

I have donated to the project, thank you Joplin team.

Glad you like the app @cocojp, and thank you for your support!