Joplin according to ChatGPT

In a moment of idle curiosity I asked ChatGPT to compare Joplin to other note taking apps. This is what it produced, and it is very favourable. See below:

Joplin is a highly rated open-source note-taking and organizational tool that is often compared with other note-taking apps. It offers many of the same features as other apps, such as text, audio, and image notes, tag and search functions, and the ability to organize notes into notebooks. Joplin also has the added benefit of being open-source, providing a high level of security and privacy.

Compared to the apps mentioned in my previous response, Joplin would likely be on a similar level to Evernote, OneNote, and Simplenote in terms of its note-taking capabilities. It may not have the same level of stylish design or extra features as apps like Bear, but it more than makes up for it in terms of security and privacy. Overall, Joplin is a strong option for anyone looking for a well-rounded and secure note-taking app.


Joplin also has the added benefit of being open-source, providing a high level of security and privacy.

Oh boy :slight_smile:

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Sounds like ChatGPT has simply copied a bunch of statements from the web about Joplin, and that's it...

Luckily those statements are all true from my experience!


AI is a plagiarism plague.
No new insights. Just banal gurgling and regurgitation.

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That's true, but for me, most of my searches are for basic information in a field I don't know about.'s chat gives me an immediate 1 paragraph answer to basic questions. I prefer that to a list of 10 multi-page articles which could have the answer embedded somewhere in the search.

Sometimes all you are trying to achieve is what is the basic common knowledge about [insert topic here]?


Allowing AI to guide you having decided which documents to accept and which to ignore, assumes quite a bit about the integrity of the AI system. Already numerous examples demonstrate that ChatGPT is weirdly biased, and that you should no more accept "AI" output at face value, than you would the news analysis from a biased viewpoint.

For some time, the largest search engines have been compromised with social bias, and a bent to ad revenue, and so-called "fact-check" services have proven to be anything but useful. Public AI will be little different.

AI will find a place with the robocallers... as it works to convince you to purchase fraudulent warranty extensions for your vehicles and appliances.

Best of luck in this.

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GIGO applies to these tools as well!

I'm glad the community seems to have a healthy scepticism about the mis-named "AI". However, some ulility (apart from doing homework and fostering plaigiarism) may yet emerge from it, and it painted a positive picture of Joplin!

As you correctly point out, fact checkers, Media, and search engines are not to be trusted. In fact, everyone states opinions / facts according to their knowledge / viewpoint. If I use DDG for search, then they fall back on Microsoft's Bing search and their algorithms. AI is no different, except it can give a short authoritative sounding answer that will be accepted by people who "want to believe".

If I want to know what the maximum tax write-off for mutual fund losses in the USA is, a chatbot is likely to give me a pretty good answer, the same as a standard tax preparer.

Hopefully, AI will help make people more skeptical. Until then, it answers very well about 2/3rds of my search queries. For example, I was wondering about a plugin called linkify for joplin. I entered Joplin linkify in youchat and found out it was a setting not a plugin. Here's what they said. It might not always be right, but I thought it resolved my question.

Joplin uses a feature called "Linkify" to convert text that looks like a URL into a clickable link [1]. This feature is turned on by default and can be disabled in the settings. Linkify also supports other protocols such as FTP and email, so any text that looks like these protocols will be automatically converted into a clickable link.

  1. Clickable URL links not working! - Support - Joplin Forum
    Clickable URL links not working!

Markdown Guide | Joplin
Markdown Guide | Joplin

Linkify the editor - Plugins - Joplin Forum
Linkify the editor

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Unfortunately your chatbot is unlikely to come to your defense you during a tax audit, and may have even "changed" its opinion based on the dataset it is fed.

It may even cause you to overlook legitimate tax reductions that your situation allows.

At least you'll have your Joplin clippings, but those links are likely dead or revised.

When we base our life on Wikipedia, we get the wiki-life we deserve.

Verify, verify, verify.

Good point - so we should all use the options "clip simplified/complete page" or "clip selection" more often. As this tends to create a myriad of tiny new resources (picture elements) I often fall back to using "clip URL", I must admit. And the latter option is the only one on mobile - a great disadvantage of Joplin in comparison with its competitors like Evernote.

This may seem a little bit off-topic in a thread like this, but still relevant when you keep in mind what Joplin is designed for. Let's just wait until the first Chatbot plugin for Joplin comes around :smile:

ChatGPT is a political tool, not necessarily a technical one. It has been programmed to be skilled at intentionally manufacturing bias by repeating lines that sound like they were written by the ADL or Twitter Trust and Safety.

One of the dangers of generative AI is the ability for it to create "sources" out of thin air. We are all familiar with picking through the daily lies that come from the media, but it is a different challenge when most of the internet becomes procedurally generated.

We live in a paranoid world.
It’s not new, that you have to check your source of information or trust the source. I grew up in a pre-web world and learned that before search engines and bots existed.
I know, not every false information is a lie. Not every wrong news is fake news.

Don't you know about Jarvis. It's great.

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I must admit I've only read the posts about it in this forum :wink: Maybe I should try it out.